About Us

About Us


Having had children and keen to lose her baby weight, Caroline joined a commercial gym. Often feeling intimidated when visiting, she realised there was an opportunity to open a bespoke studio to give people a quieter and more private environment in which to train… and Bridge Fitness was born.

Creating this comfortable and welcoming space has been a dream, and one that she has never looked back on. Opening the doors in 2015, Bridge Fitness welcomes personal trainers to use the space for their clients, ensuring the best results are achieved in a calm and inviting environment for all.

Working together, our team of specialist trainers continue to bring the original ethos to the company, building strong relationships with one another and our clients. Respect is a key element of the Bridge ethos and one that we see time and time again as sessions take place. The organic growth and demand for both our trainers and bespoke studio continues to pay testament to this and we can’t wait to expand this further.


Bridge Today

Now a key player within Cambridge’s fitness scene, Bridge Fitness continues to offer a high level of service under the management of Caroline & Hugh, an expanding and varied range of equipment and some of the best personal trainers in the city. We have grown each and every year and continue to look for ways to build and better our offering.

Hand selecting our personal trainers to ensure that we have a variety of specialists on board ensures that we remain in demand. From strongman to swimming specialists and everything in between it is the Bridge Fitness Family that makes us who we are today.

We are also proud to house an experienced and knowledgeable osteopath here at Bridge Fitness together with Reform Physiotherapy who both offer guidance and recovery to our clients. Combining these services with the rounded personal training, small group sessions and bootcamps we are able to host and we truly believe that our fitness hubs are like no other.

We are delighted to have opened a second premises to the south of the city which offers an extensive range of facilities that include a Yoga/Pilates Studio, coffee bar and a spacious open plan gym where hold our 1-2-1 personal training sessions and the majority of our fitness classes.

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Bridge Fitness believes in community. A community bought together through passion, dedication and a desire to be the best version of yourself possible. Our personal trainers radiate this ethos, each working with their clients to help them achieve their best and reach their individual goals. We have such a wealth of experience and expertise within our ranks, so finding your best fit has never been easier. Read more about each trainer below, and find the one you want to help you with your own fitness journey.


Steve Goddard, our in-house osteopath has over 10 years hands on experience dedicated to supporting patients dealing with the whole range of musculoskeletal issues. These include problem areas such as back pain, sciatic symptoms, headaches alongside those strains and pains brought on through the stress of everyday life. Steve also has a keen interest and specialist knowledge in the area of sports injury and rehabilitation, dealing closely with shoulder, knee and muscle injuries. Tailoring treatments to your individual requirements by establishing the core issue and being dedicated to restoring optimum health and musculoskeletal function. Working alongside each patient to ensure you are back on track to full health and able to restore an active lifestyle – be it in the office or on the sports field.

Steve Goddard
07552 669200 / [email protected]

Steve graduated from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London in 2004. He works with the knowledge that injury impacts on both the mind and body and therefore has spent the last 10 years developing skills in diagnosis with the aim of tailoring treatment to get you better, faster. Steve has spent much of his youth and present life actively involved in the field of sports and fitness, with time spent providing physiotherapy for local rugby club Shelford alongside his own personal involvements in the martial arts. This has led him to have an invested interest and understanding for health and sports injury rehabilitation and a dedicated and motivated attitude to his practice.

  • Postural and movement assessment.
  • Muscle and soft tissue massage.
  • Stretching (Muscle energy / Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation).
  • Joint articulation and mobilization.
  • Manipulation for specific joint restriction.
  • Targeted rehabilitation exercises.
  • Strain-counter-strain techniques for acute muscle issues.
  • Kinesiology taping for joint and muscle support.